2 Mesh or Not 2 Mesh: Do you want to look like you’re wearing Clothes or Clay??

Meshing is to accord with another or each other; harmonize. Or in virtual terms is when material is put to get to flow with whatever you are doing to make the avi seem more stream line with real life movement. Meshing is nothing new but its a style that has been running in  full gear, for you old “IMVU heads meshing” is nothing new but for those accustomed to prims/sculpties ; this is very new.

If you have read my previous post then you know I wouldn’t be press if I didn’t educate as well as inform.  Example would be in a dress, real life it would flow with the body, if you’re horizontal your dress is too…assuming you want it to be, if you move virtually your dress should move that way too, whereas on second life with scuplties if sitting the dress is going straight down.

Samples of Mesh Products

Now to the pros and cons….


As much as we love second life, we need money for bills in our first life. Sucks for you! If you want an ALL mesh wardrobe it’s going to cost you…BIGTIME!

In real life, we buy slimming clothes. We spend tons on it; in second Life we spend tons on Mesh clothes that make us look HUGE!

And if you’re not looking like a close relative of the Blob…you look like your father is the invisible man because half of your body is missing!

But if you have a child you want to wear mesh clothes they’ll look very life like and adorable…if you’re going for the whole drowned rat, hobo look.


No more dresses that defy gravity. Yes you read right, your dresses will stay grounded when you sit.

When you move it moves…Just like that.

For the ladies with larger proportions than your average toothpick…there is limited to no resizing.

So Should you buy mesh? Really the decision is up to you and your fashion sense…oh yes and let’s not forget; your wallet :). Just remember, If you like it I love it.


2 responses to “2 Mesh or Not 2 Mesh: Do you want to look like you’re wearing Clothes or Clay??

  1. loved your take on this! Yes, i am an old IMVU peep, and totally have been with mesh a long time…Anyways, totally agree with everything u say…Its a choice to use mesh or not…Maybe in time they get the sizing down correctly so we all aren’t running around with huge butts…:)

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