Black Leopard.

So this is the look i put together tonight. I had to fight major lag and camera view issues due to the fact that i messed around with the settings…I’m interested in film making so  I was trying to figure out a way to lock the camera and make it stay put while i move the avatar but it didn’t work ;[ Anyways, moving on! I hope you guys like this look, the skin is new and i will make a full review on it next. Thank Youuuuuuuu!! Any comments, suggestions or questions are all welcomed ! ;]


Skin / Ariel Skins /Amanda NEW!

Nails / izzie’s / French Tips

Hair / Likeli / Guisy


Dress / Sticky Fingers / Leopard / Black

Jacket / Indyra Originals / Bon Charme Jacket

Stockings / WWI / Army Girl

Hand Accessorie / [Bellballs] / Chained Sin Ring Set /  @Fi*Fridays! – New

Earrings / M O N S  / Eagle / Silver

Shoes / N-Core / Coquette Spikes / BLack


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