Special Guest! (StreetStyle begins)

Credits :

Hair /  [[Loovus Dzevavor]] / Hair: Elegante / Noir Tones

Earrings & Ring / (Kunglers) /  Pitanga / natura

Dress / Klunglers / Anne Dress / Coral

Bangles /  {Zeery} / Mayan Bangle

Nails / Leverocci / Round Nails

Shoes / N-core  / COQUETTE Platform / Aqua


Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce to you this breath taking and amazing avatar. Her name is Vikeejeah Xevion. I met her at the Dressing Room and lost contact but today i saw her at DLL and basicly kidnapped her, LOL. I had to blog her. Her avatar is so unique and have incredible style. One of the best i’ve seen in a long time. She also blogs so if you’d like to check out her blog , here it is. GODIVAS of SL. This is basicly the beginning of Street Style Mondays, I will be blogging avatars i find in public places that have great style. Coming soon. Enjoy!




5 responses to “Special Guest! (StreetStyle begins)

  1. WOW! Thanks so much. I really love your editing style and how much attention to detail you use. The pics came out beautifully.

    • Thank you so much and thank you for allowing me to blog you, love your av so much <333 And yes, i love showing details because sometimes people can't see the true beauty.

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