Random Fun.

FIRST OF ALL!! Ok so I want to apologize if these rings offend anyone LOL. I thought they’d be alot smaller but I still think they’re cool and anyone with a more risque style would appreciate them, or if you’re like me who sometimes like to wear things abit outside the box just for fun, these are for you ;]  . They are from Le Primitif … And come in several other colors. One with diamonds and one without. The glasses are also from Le Primitif  also and i love them, very unique. The shoes are new from Lethal couture, they are AMAZE-ing. Just saying. Also the m&ms from [DDL] by Melina Anatine. You get the bag which puts your arm in pose so you’re holding the m&m bags and also brings the m&ms to put inside your mouth(face animations included). They are super cute, specially if you’re a kid avatar. Check their shop for more candies. Last thing i wanted to point out are the nails, they are MESH and their price is only 30L. I love their texture quality and not having to fuzz with ring attachments, my prim nails get replaced often lol. Ok enough talk, LINKS BELOW! Hope you like this postttt <33


Skin / IREN / Allizee-SYS – ((NEW))

Hair / [Shag] / Pussy Galore / Rooted / Butterscotch

Nails / Leverocci / Round Nails / FireworkGlitter

Top / YOSE. / LadyCrew / Pebbles

Skirt / IMBUE / Lucca Skirt / Indigo

Shoes / ::LC:: / Night Lolita / Nude ((NEW))

Watch / [DDL] / Bittersweet / Gold

Glasses / ::LP:: / Hypster Glasses / Black

Bangles / Indyra Originals / Sylph / Gold

M&ms /[DDL] by Melina Anatine

Ring / ::LP:: / I <3 *ick & Diamonds / Black


If clicking the picture doesn’t work, CLICK HERE.


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