Free bird..

Hi guys :) Everything i’m wearing is a must have. The earrings are mesh and they are sooooo amazing, soon as i bought them I knew i had to blog lol. The hair is also fab, it’s actually a long pony tail that sorta wraps around the face a little bit, very sexy and comes with hairbases.The purse is very unique. I added it to this look because it kinda reminds me of a cage so I thought about birds, feathers and trees going along with the design on the skirt. I actually drew the little bird flying out the purse too lol. Hope you like ! :”>

click for better view.

Skin / Vive9 / Lyse(yes i’m wearing lipstick)
Hair / Vanity Hair / Milano / Jet-Black
Eye Makeup / M o n s / Shadow Punk
Nails / A&A / Madame
Skirt / (SMS) / Fairy Tales Print Skirt / Forest (@Fairytales)
Purse / [DDL] / Just a Dream (Silver)
Earrings / Mandala / Leather Fether (Mesh)


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