A Blog with him



Beautiful colors ;]

Quick Update. Will try my best to blog more. I’ve been trying to finish the store and also spend time with family so my blogs are not as often as they should be but I’ll work on it, promise!


On Me(besides him):

Skin / Glance / Coco / (NEW)
Hair / BURLEY / Nelly / Blondes
Nails / Glow Studios / Ombre
Top / MarieDoll / Azie Top (NEW)
Bottoms / Eclair / Wet Look / Cross Leggings
Shoe / Zone3
Watch / DDL /
Ear Cuff / [7891] / Nirvana Cross / Gold (NEW)
Pyramid studs / Barcode /
Necklace / A|B / Theology Set

On Him:

Jacket / <kal rau> / Casual Blazer
Jeans / Not So Bad / MUNGO jeans
Shoes /[Z3] / Yeezy 2s/Cheeta Limited 100
Glasses / [Z3] / Ekanh sunglasses
ALL Jewelery is from ::2nd Avenue::



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