Another Day..

Eh, Summer almost gone ..  But I still love color! I found this beauty minty ombre dress at Vive9 and I couldn’t resist. I almost bought the whole store too, I love their quality and style. Excuse the purple nails but I almost wore the dress with a purple bag and purple shoes but the only purple bag I have is a clutch and this dress looks a little bit more casual than dressy, so yeah. Not sure if this works but eh, i like it !: ) By the way, those shoes? Are a must have, I swear. The quality is great and they’re mesh too, so I had to get me 1 or 2, lol. Everything I’m wearing is a must have, cause you know I’m picky.. Lol. Hope you like !

Skin – Glance
Lips – Fishy Strawberry
Hair – Lamb.
Nails – Mandala
Dress – Vive Nine
Bag – DDL
Shoes – Similar*
Shades – RYCA
Earrings – J u d a s
Necklace – Mon Tissu

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